The Real Digital Divide: The Truth behind high data costs revealed

“The #DataMustFall campaign is a reminder that most of the economic problems we face as a nation have been caused by government,” explained Ineng analyst Phumlani Umajazi ahead of a workshop on the matter earlier this year in Khayelitsha with SMMEs. The outspoken Sihle Ngobese chaired the meeting.

Phumlani M. UMajozi - Ineng

Ineng Policy Analuyst Phumlani Umajozi
The solution was clear by the end: “Government should exit Telkom to allow for genuine competition in the communications infrastructure that will reduce the cost of communication in the country, and encourage economic growth and entrepreneurship. The sooner this happens the better” as Phumlani Umajozi showed in his research.


A photo of Sihle Ngobese

ICT Workshop Chair, Sihle Ngobese
New Book Reveals All
Director Temba Nolutshungu informed the workshop that his organization, FMF, was working on showing the solution for SMMEs held by most viable vehicle for socio-economic transformation: the ICT industry.


The Real Digital Divide
Now Martin van Staden and Neil Emerick, writing for the FMF, have presented a detailed account of the government’s new telecommunications proposals in their new book, The Real Digital Divide. These proposals include the very monopolistic practices entrepreneurs are railing against in the face of injustice that limits access to markets.



Small and emerging service providers CAN continue to grow, but all South Africana need to stand up not only against bad government. But standing up FOR positive proposals that grow the economy beyond anyone’s expectations.
The Real Digital Divide is an excellent pro-South Africa account of a sector at risk. The authors put human rights matched with development at the forefront.
The lessons in The Real Digital Divide not only speak to ICT policy but contain relevant principles that apply to the entire economy.
“Perhaps it was never apparent how much potential exists to grow our economy and beat poverty. But entrepreneurs can unleash development no politician in government can,” says Ineng coordinator, Unathi Kwaza.



Unathi Kwaza Temba Nolutshungu

SMME owner and Ineng coordinator Unathi Kwaza, with FMF Director Temba Nolutshungu
“Let’s respect government if they respect a free economy. No more stopping the people from creating and keeping their wealth. No more stealing the wealth that is created. We can pro-actively ensure government of all parties limit their involvement in our lives, through pro-entrepreneurship policy proposals that reflect the real world the rest of us live in,” adds Kwaza.
With the support of entrepreneurs in communities – and thanks to the work of the FMF – Ineng is providing complimentary copies of the Real Digital Divide.
Thank you to the entrepreneurs who have spoken out so that others may enjoy real economic freedom. The battle continues. For those who would like a hard copy of the book, please contact
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