Entrepreneurs in Public Policy

Entrepreneurs in Public Policy (EPP) is intended as a forum for entrepreneurs to speak out against restrictive laws, regulations and policies that hinder their ability to do business.

The goal is to discuss these issues with entrepreneurs and then make coherent policy recommendations to the relevant authorities, whether it be national government, provincial government or municipalities.

A photo of the Entrepreneurs in Public Policy

Free enterprise works in lifting millions out of poverty, and entrepreneurs are part of this process. They experiment with innovative solutions to problems facing ordinary people and in the process create wealth and jobs. They are critical to the development of communities and countries when it comes to growth, but there needs to be a fair free enterprise system, and not crony capitalism that entrenches monopolies.

Entrepreneurs do not have the same collective voice like established big government, big business and big unions do. Therefore EPP exists to enable their voice in the debate by supporting entrepreneurs who want to get involved in public policy.

Luvuyo Rani speaking at an Ineng event
Above: An Ineng EPP event in Khayelitsha

If you would like to share your views on public policies that affect you please share your views with us.
Entrepreneurs in Public Policy Issues


Business Licensing Bill

Economic Freedom

Compliance and Ease of doing Business

Consumer Choice

Global Investment and Expansion

One Stop Shops

Asset Ownership