Public Policy

Why Entrepreneurs matter 

Entrepreneurs create the innovation that makes progress and improvement possible. They discover new ways of delivering services and products people want, meeting needs by providing something more valuable than the money someone pays to receive it. This creates wealth, jobs and the prosperity we need. There is no successful economy without the entrepreneur.

Why Public Policy matters

The economy all too often fails to deliver jobs and growth because the entrepreneur cannot effectively operate. Government policy that hinders instead of enabling needs to be changed to combat poverty, decrease unemployment and enable South Africa’s success and prosperity.

Changing public policy is about changing the laws that can make or break the potential success of entrepreneurs – and along with it the millions of jobs and billions of rands at stake whenever bad policy exists.

Every government law has an impact on the daily environment you operate in it. Ineng’s Entrepreneurs in Public Policy program seeks to help entrepreneurs understand these laws and change them for the better!