As the Millennium Development Goals come to an end next year, initiatives PovertyCure seek to highlight the systemic failure in so many of our efforts to end poverty: the role of the entrepreneur as the driver of economic growth.

PovertyCure is an international coalition of organizations and individuals committed to entrepreneurial solutions to poverty that challenge the status quo and champion the creative potential of the human person

Ineng has been affiliation with the PovertyCure initiative historically, tracing it back to the Enterprise Forum student group through to the present. We have been one of the first organisations affiliated with PovertyCure since its inception in the United States.

Ineng is committed to highlighting opportunities to promote PovertyCure initiatives in South Africa, through Ineng support of applicants participating in programs of PovertyCure affiliates – as well as through assisting PovertyCure affiliates wishing to conduct work on the African continent.


Micro Finance

Ineng’s forerunner, The Enterprise Forum, promoted a variety of causes to support entrepreneurial solutions to pressing challenges. The micro-finance program BOZA was one such initiative. Micro-loans have been allocated to dozens of South Africans and the program has been successfully incubated to the stage of being a financial services provider. Programs assisting micro-entrepreneurs will focus on solutions like these which require effective policy from government down to active management skills on the part of those who run them and ultimately the real test of all: the ability of the entrepreneurs to succeed.