Asset Ownership

Economics commentator and contemporary of the late Steve Biko, Mr. Temba Nolutshungu, addressed EPP at Lookout Hill, Khayelitsha, on a workshop addressing the issue or property and asset ownership in 2014. Property titling and the direct share ownership currently failing state assets, once sold, need to be strongly advanced, argues Nolutshungu.

A photo of Temba Nolutshungu speaking at an Ineng EPP event

Other events where this matter has routinely emerged include the very first Entrepreneurs in Public Policy event and the three-day SYPALA conference (the Students and Young Professionals’ African Liberty Academy).

Entrepreneurs in Public Policy recommendations to help entrepreneurs acquire assets:

  • Government must pursue the rationalization of superfluous public facilities for acquisition by entrepreneurs (asset ownership). This reduces costs of rent and buying land in areas especially where few private commercial sites are available – notably townships.
  • Failing state assets should be sold on the open market to entrepreneurs and allocate the sale of proceeds to the poor via direct transfers or share ownership (asset ownership).


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