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Policy Alert Update: Open Access Plans Revealed in the Latest Government White Paper

“South Africa is working towards allowing all African citizens to enter the country without visas,” reports News24,” just days after the World Economic Forum participants, including Ineng, formally launched the Durban Agreement on Open Africa.

“The Department of Home Affairs outlines the steps that will be taken towards scrapping visa requirements in its latest White Paper on International Migration, which was adopted by cabinet six weeks ago but not made public yet,” noted Carien DuPlessis.

The White paper states that South Africa “fully supports the vision of an Africa where its citizens can move more freely across national borders, where intra-Africa trade is encouraged and there is greater integration and development of the African continent”.

Entrepreneurs in Public Policy, first launched as a Shapers project, has been committed to policy positions in favour of open skies and cross-border ease of travel within Africa, following engagements with entrepreneurs. Positions which were relayed during discussions with participants at the World Economic Forum on Africa and in the run up to the gathering.

The Durban Agreement was decisively launched after #ShapingAfrica conversations at the 2017 World Economic Forum on Africa. It aims to make a case for an open and border-free Africa by fostering cultural understanding and economic integration. Over the coming year, the Durban Hub Global Shapers will power the Uhuru (“Freedom”) Bus, driving from Hub to Hub across the continent. While on this tour, they will engage with local youth and policy-makers in multi stakeholder activities that allow youth to voice their vision of a united Africa.’

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