Ineng’s Unathi Kwaza to address the Africa Liberty Forum in Johannesburg

Next week leaders from across the continent convened in Johannesburg for the annual Africa Liberty Forum.

Grass roots coordinator and spokesperson Unathi Kwaza is an SMME owner in Khayelitsha, South Africa’s second largest historic township. With first-hand experience doing business, Unathi will join leaders on the topic of Entrepreneurs and the Future of Africa.

Unathi has built a company over the years and leads Ineng’s grassroots work among entrepreneurs and SMME owners, determined to realise a free enterprise economy and the rule of law.

As an Ineng spokesperson, Unathi has participated in workshops with government officials and entrepreneurs in the Western Cape and Gauteng provinces and has been featured in a variety of media outlets for her work championing the removal of red tape and barriers to an inclusive growing economy.

Fellow Ineng participant Garreth Bloor will also speak at the Forum on the subject of designing effective communication campaigns, while Ineng marketing director Michael Howe-Ely will be announcing the latest on Ineng’s project working with local governments to create an enabling environment for SMMEs.