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Ineng’s Library Corner Set to Open

The Ineng Business Library Corner will launch in Cape Town next month as a resource for entrepreneurs in the OutsourcedCFO hub space for entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the support of many organisaitons around the world, the library holds a range of resources from introductory guides, to in-depth volumes.

With books many not available in South Africa, the Ineng library corner is designed to serve as a resource to empower entrepreneurs and supporters of entrepreneurship,” says Ineng spokesperson Unathi Kwaza.

A number of books are also available at no cost on the CD, Ideas for a Free Society, which has a host of award-winning works on entrepreneurship and doing business. In addition to free availability at the library, the CD is also available at all Ineng events held elsewhere in South Africa.

“This library can empower one to understand the costs and issues at play when it comes to building a business, taking into the account the regulatory environment which affects every entrepreneur, in every society,” explained Unathi Kwaza.

“We’re proud to host the library at our hub,” says entrepreneur Louw Barnardt, named one of South Africa’s top 35 Chartered Accountants under 35, who’s widely quoted article on government passing tax reduction measures for investment into SMEs and has been featured on “Anything we can do to enable business, we’re in,” he added.

Barnardt, who co-founded OutsourcedCFO, has overseen the growth of more than 200 SMEs through their company. OutsourcedCFO has also hosted several events of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers in Cape Town and been represented through its joint venture, Glenheim, at the annual WEF meeting on Africa.

The book collection has been donated by various organizations over the past decade.

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