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DAY 1: World Economic Forum on Africa – Showcasing the views from Ineng entrepreneurs

“How do you transform an economy and avoid situations like those experienced in Zimbabwe and Venezuela? This key question raised at the World Economic Forum on Africa among 50 Global Shapers selected to participate requires close consideration.

The Independent Entrepreneurship Group believes both are possible and even intertwined: transformation through an open economy that ends exclusion and removes barriers, while protecting all through the rule of law.

Here are Ineng’s answers direct from the grass-roots of our workshops with the brave entrepreneurial heroes driving economic growth:

In Summary

Instead of restricting property rights, we need to expand it to all

Solution: Overturn Apartheid Ownership Patterns Once and For All

Instead of limiting trade, we need to access open markets and get rid of red tape for a fair free market

Solution: Investment and Expansion of SA companies into the world

Instead of more government empowerment, we need individual empowerment, so families and communities can prosper, not a political elite alone, from whatever party or faction holds power at any given time.

Solution: Real Ownership BY the people, NOT government