A 60-Page Handbook for Transport Policy in our Cities

Ineng entrepreneurs are found across South Africa’s cities, where most entrepreneurs live. Either by birth or by choice. With so much talent, how does effective transport and urban transformation ensure we are free to pursue being the best we can be, building our businesses for customers and workers?

The report by Garreth Bloor draws heavily on the statements of entrepreneurs who have called for title deeds, consumer choice, easier commercial zoning and clearer rules; instead of red-tape bureaucracy and over-regulation.

Sizwe Nzima’s incredible business in Khayelitsha is highlighted as a case of what is possible when entrepreneurs can be their best, while also speaking out against bad policy.

Ineng’s Unathi Kwaza will interview Bloor at an event to be confirmed next year, coinciding with the release of the report by the IRR.

The event will cover:

  • The top reforms needed
  • Which metro governments have committed to them
  • How entrepreneurs can stay involved following the reforms
  • Future reports

More details to follow next month.